AAHS is closed on Friday, February 5 due to inclement weather.
The Winter Ball is postponed until Friday, February 12.
Mission Statement:
The Academy of Allied Health and Science prepares and motivates students to pursue further education towards a career in the medical sciences through a rigorous specialized curriculum and community-based partnerships, inspiring students to serve society with compassion, skill, and vision.

Calendar Changes - The school closings on Monday, January 25 and Friday, February 5 will be made-up on Friday, February 12 and Friday, May 27. 

School Anti-Bullying Specialist: 
Susan Sohayda 
732-775-0058 ext. 5100
2325 Heck Avenue
Neptune, NJ 07753
AAHS ABR Grade: 65
MCVSD ABR Grade: 64
District Anti Bullying Coordinator: 
Anthony Schiable 

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