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Anthony Burdo, Class of 2006

Born with a complex congenital orthopedic condition, Anthony initially established his admiration of the medical field as a young patient. He first discovered his ambition to practice medicine in middle school when he volunteered and shadowed with his own pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Anthony’s experiences on both sides of the stethoscope enabled him to place himself in the patient’s shoes and see them as a whole person, not just a diagnosis.

A Manalapan native, he attended AAHS to lay the academic foundation for his future in medicine. Anthony felt right at home amongst a diverse class of overachievers under the guidance of exceptional professors. Unique AAHS curricula including distance learning and the mentorship program provided him exposure to the culture of medicine and to a multitude of healthcare occupations. He remembers class projects such as knitting scarves and cooking for the local homeless, and activities like International Fair that instilled in him the value ofcollaboration and diversity. Faculty and classmates still revere Anthony’s campaigns to become class treasurer when he solicited votes by handing out his brand of currency, “Burdo Bucks”.

Anthony attended college at Rutgers University where he attained a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences with a minor in music. Developing a music therapy program at a local nursing home, undertaking a clinical research clerkship at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, and serving patients in the community as a health screening technician for An Ounce of Prevention Inc. were a few of his meritorious extracurricular activities that exhibited his passion for the medical field. As a supervising health screening technician for the U.S. Department of Defense, Anthony had the unique opportunity to work with a team of physician assistants (PAs) engaged in promoting preventative medicine and delivering quality care to our nation’s military service members. The model of team-based collaborative care embraced by physician assistants as well as their unmatched versatility captured his interest and motivated him to pursue the profession.

Anthony is currently enrolled in his second year at Drexel’s Physician Assistant Program. As chairman of community outreach for his program, he has led his class in volunteering to provide care and services to underserved patient populations in Philadelphia. As a PA student on clinical rotations, he is engaged in providing patient-centered quality care in a variety of settings with specialized teams of medical professionals. Expanding on his medical education, which began at AAHS, Anthony seeks every opportunity to build his clinical knowledge and skills. With each patient encounter, he reflects on his own life experiences which have shaped him into a devoted and compassionate addition to the medical community. As a physician assistant, Anthony plans to help promote preventative medicine and increase healthcare accessibility to underserved populations. (back)