Arts at Allied

Although AAHS focuses on health and science, we still provide ample opportunities to get involved in the arts. Why art at a health/science-themed high school? Here is an answer suggested by objectives on the National Association for Art Education web site, that connects to the AAHS mission as a vocational school:

Beyond the qualities of creativity, self-expression, and communication, art
is a type of work. There is a desperate need in our society for a revival of the
idea of good work: work for personal fulfillment; work for social recognition;
work for economic development. Today we hear much about productivity
and workmanship. Both of these ideals are strengthened each time we commit
ourselves to the endeavor of art.

Tutorial 1: Elements of Art
A description of line, shape, form, space, color, value, and texture. A person cannot create art without using at least two of these elements. (2:44)

Tutorial 2:  Principles of Design
Art principles organize the art elements. The Principles of Art Design are contrast, unity (harmony), balance, emphasis, variety, movement (rhythm), and pattern (repetition) (8:07

Whether producing visually or through performances, our students demonstrate excellence across many disciplines.  Here are just a few examples.

AAHS Art Show

The AAHS inaugural art show took place on April 25, 2014 and was planned and staged by faculty members from one of the school’s learning communities. Over 80 pieces were submitted by students and faculty. Five students were recognized for excellence in painting/drawing, photography, and sculpture/crafts with certificates and gift cards funded by the PSFA.  The second AAHS art show took place in November 13, 2015, and it will henceforth be a biennial event.


Pulse - The Pulse Website

Pulse is a student club that has been actively involved in bringing the performing arts to the Allied community.
Our play The Golden Girl showcased the talents of Allied students and raised money for Mary’s Place By The Sea.



   Above: rehearsal for Golden Girl, cast photo
   Left: students performing at PSFA event,
   rehearsal for Golden Girl
   Below: participants in Pulse-sponsored 
   music performance workshop


International Fair


The annual International Fair at the Academy of Allied Health and Science is an event celebrating world cultures, in which students demonstrate a variety of talents. These include modern and classic Indian dances, Irish dancing, the Philippine Tinikling dance, Chinese yo yo, and martial arts, among others. Students of all ethnicities have the opportunity to participate and share their cultural traditions. The International Fair not only allows students to display their talents, but also provides exposure of traditions and customs of the world to the whole student body.