PowerSchool is a premier online gateway that conveys academic progress from school to home. Allied parents should establish their "parent" PowerSchool account upon receiving a letter with required details, once their student enrolls. Parents are encouraged to log in frequently to view student grades and teacher comments. Grades should be current to within two weeks or less; teachers expect that parents are up-to-date on their child's progress via the PowerSchool interface. Two brief videos will help you get started.

PowerSchool Tips ~ Parent Portal & Student Portal
Video Tip: How to Create Your Parent/Guardian Portal Account (QuickTime Player Required)
Video Tip: Setting Email Notifications and Account Preferences in the Parent/Guardian Portal (QuickTime Player Required)

Further PowerSchool Information ~
MCVSD PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Portal Quick Start Guide (PDF format)
PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Portal Online Help
PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Portal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For assistance with PowerSchool Portal access (for Parents/Guardians & Students) please contact the principal at your school.

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